Brenda Coyle

I work as a freelance artist and historical educator within the learning departments of many London based museums, galleries, schools, and charities including AgeUK, Thomas Pocklington Trust, Museum of London, Maritime Museum, Kensington Palace, Bank of England and others.

Art is indeed a proven and accepted form of therapy in today’s busy world and if nothing else it will fill your life with lots of colourful and beautiful paintings...
Let’s craft our creativity together!

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Relaxation through Art with artist Brenda Coyle - Painted flowers

Relaxation Through Art

Since lockdown all my classes and courses have stopped. So, I have been continuing my own private course FREE online - with my Relaxation through Art mini taster sessions...

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Watercolor artist Brenda Coyle - Painted nature

Art Courses ‘Watercolour’

Contact me for further information on dates and venues. Please book early or join my mailing list.

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Freelance artist Brenda Coyle's Art Exhibition

Art Exhibitions

I have been involved in many exhibitions, both solo and joint. Find out where I have showcased my work, as well as the venue for my next exhibition!

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Commission Work from artist Brenda Coyle - Painted feathers

Commission Work

My own bespoke projects and artwork for London based musuems galleries and schools

Coffee with artist Brenda Coyle - Coffee Cup

A Raccoon Stole My Coffee!

I do like my coffee's in the morning, and there is nothing worse than a bad coffee! Join me as I rate some of the best coffee shops in London!

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